Football Analysis

head of league kick offs, our writers compile a season guide detailing transfers and any other changes compared to the previous campaign. We also provide a balanced analysis based on the information available before giving our view on
the realistic outlook for each team. The Soccer International season guide is an ideal tool for our users in preparation
for football competitions.

At the conclusion of each league tournament we provide a team by team summary of how the campaign unfolded.
This includes an indication of where strengths and weaknesses lay, who has performed and who hasn't and a
key player assessment. The Soccer International review ties together the events of the season which has just
ended and can also be used as a reference for future campaigns.

Match previews begin with early news to provide users with a first insight into upcoming games. Our
writers then update daily to include further team news as it arises. We provide football analysis based
on available information, as well as summarising the data in logical categories.

Football match reports are compiled in a unique Soccer International style and according to the
needs of our clients. We provide an overview of what took place in a game, focusing not only on
strengths and weaknesses of each team, but also on whether the scoreline reflected what took
place over the 90 minutes. Our aim is to provide our users with an insight via reports which are
manageable in length, but at the sametime are informative.